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SIP Softphone by Peer2Phone: Go-SIP (codename "Wingman")

Peer2Phone WIngman : Peer2Phone has released a state of the art softphone enabling VoIP and VoWLAN telephony running on PC Windows, Linux, Mac Os and PDA/Smartphone. Fully featured (see specifications hereunder) with a set of services, Go-SIP embeds Corporate/operator directory interoperability, Presence management, Deployment and autoconfiiguration features, XML parser for Skins and full change of the user GUI and fonctionnalities. Web browser, Newsletter push services, SMS interoperability, etc ...


Specifications :

  • Multiple Codecs
  • Low latency audio engine
  • NATBox Passthru technology
  • Fully skinnable (design/sounds)
  • Unlimited One2One simultaneous calls (depending on CPU power)
  • Automatic adjustable jitter for better audio quality
  • Voicemail routing, Automatic call routing
  • Personal and global/corporate directory
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Incremental conference with local Mixing (acts as conference server)
  • Unlimited parties conferencing
  • Presence management
  • Corporate directory synchronization
  • Auto-configuration
  • Call history, Speed-dial,
  • Call transfer, Anonymous call, Park/Hold
  • Do Not Disturb, Force offline status
  • Chat, Messaging, DTMF
  • Contacts Management ....
  • iOS app for used iPhone 6

Working on Low Speed Internet Services such as PSTN or ISDN as well as High Speed like DSL or Wi-Fi, Peer2Phone Go-SIP will suit your telephony needs, should you be a business man, an individual or a 5000 employees company. Go-SIP provides you with light and clear communications, very low latency , sequential sorted calls defined by the user in case of no answer (VOIP->GSM->PSTN). conferencing capabilities ...

                                      Skins for PDA and PC                    Go-SIP Convergence Edition for
                                                                                             Dual mode GSM/WiFi Smartphone

Go-SIP comes with a set of value added services for registered users or our business customers, please visit our services page for more information.

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