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What is the 4th Generation Telephony according to our company staff ?

If we could sum up in a few words what 4G telephony means, we could say "have anything you got at home when you are mobile". Not very clear you would think ? You are absolutely right ! 4G will not make ice cubes like your Freezer and this is something you got at home. But since when ice cubes have to do with telephony or telecommunications.... Let's be more detailled then.

At home, do you have a TV set ? a radio tuner ? cable ? internet access ? a telephone ? a tape or CD player ? a VCR or DVD recorder ? a DVD player ? Is the answer "yes" to all or most questions ? Would you like to be able, on your PDA or smartphone, to watch CNN when you are walking in the street, see your friends or associates "live" when you are talking to them over the phone, listen to a specific radio in california when you are traveling in Europe, be able to download a movie and play it while you are sitting in a train, get stock quotes from the Nasdaq in real time when you are drinking an expresso at the Cafe de la paix in Paris ? In short, to have the world in the palm of your hand.

If when trying to answer these questions, you have started to feel some sort of excitement or you believe this is something you have always dreamed of... " then 4G is made for you.

Now if you think this is just a dream !

We have gathered a technical "dream team" focusing her endeavors on a future achievement : to make this dream come true.

The way 4G works :

4th generation telephony unlike 2nd or 3rd generations uses TCP/IP as the telecommunicaion protocol and any radio or physical layer. It works on wires and wirelessly. It uses today ADSL, PSTN, ISDN, HomeLAN or Wi-Fi, it will use Wimax outdoor and ATM to every single home or office worldwide tomorrow.

Now if you could tell us about your view on 4G ?

Not sharing our view ? Do you think we have forgotten something ?
Send your comment at, we would love to have your view on the future of telecommunications and welcome your input.



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